Judging the world through rose tinted glasses…

This is how I would like to see the world. But reality sucks!

Why do we put our experiences and our view of the world on others? After a chat with some friends the other day, I realised I become very snappy when people pass judgement on how others live their lives. Once upon a time, (trust me, my friends can attest to that) I was also like them but I have learnt to not judge a book by its cover. I am not perfect, of course but I constantly remind myself that I cannot judge anyone until I have walked a mile in their shoes.

In my life I have experienced my share of racism and judgmental remarks on being Chinese, Asian, hungry third world immigrant and so much more, I have had people spit in my way and telling me as a chink to go back to my country. Mind you, I was there only for transit while I was still with the airlines. I have had vendors crudely remark that these Chinese tourist are only just here to touch and destroy everything and not buying. This is at a fruits and vegetable market. Another where a mad man, I call him mad as I was on the phone to my friend trying to locate her apartment building, when he comes up to me after exiting a coffee bar shouting insults telling me to F*#k off back to my country!  And so much more…

I have had good ones too! Or rather, I would like to take them as that. One being too colourful! I LOVE ❤ ❤ colours! They brighten me and everything around me! I have even been told that I am too chirpy! Just don’t catch me in the morning! 😛 Not much of a morning person. A teacher once told me that “You cannot always do what like, but you can always like what you do”. I think she is right. I don’t have to love it but by not hating it, and learning to go with the flow whenever I am put in that position makes everything easier. I can even make it fun and before you know it, it is over. That way, I will always have good memories and no regrets. No “should haves”, “could haves”, “what ifs” and the likes.

With my experience, I have learnt not to do the same to others. Everyone has their own story and more often than not a very interesting one too! Once M told me he likes the way I see the world. This was once after we saw a couple who was dressed all in Goth with shocking pink hair which I found interesting and he said “what were they thinking!”. I said, why not? That is how they want to present themselves and they are confident in themselves. Not many people have the courage to pull that off and I like that. They are not infringing on others so why should we judge them only because we won’t do it ourselves? I am not adverse to pink as a hair colour just that it doesn’t suit me. I have had bright red hair before. Higlighted red and gold hair too! 🙂 He told me that, that is what he likes about me. I always see a everything from a different point of view. *score!* 🙂 🙂

As time passes, as I get older, I like the person I have become and am going to be. Being a Virgo, I am analytical, critical by nature but I am going to put on my rose tinted glasses to make life more interesting and enjoy it for all its beauty and surprises!

Here is to rose tinted glasses! cin cin!!


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