Life n Photos – Day 34


Thanks to my friend I found out what this building was. Well, more like just the facade left. It used to be the second Anhalter Banhof. This are its remains which I appreciate greatly that Berlin has kept it. These little gems make Berlin such a beautiful city. Too bad I didn’t have time to explore.

Though yesterday, a kind soul helped me to change some money when all the banks were already closed. The shops did not accept my big note. We ended up chatting and he regaled me with the history and architecture of Berlin. Meeting someone who works in a museum is so much fun! Knowing the stories behind some of the buildings we saw makes me love Berlin even more! 🙂

I want to come back for another visit soon. This time for the city and not for work.

Toodeloos people! Off to Stuttgart in a while.

Life in Photos – Day 32

Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta
Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta

So, late last year some time in end of November, a friend came to visit as he was based in Europe for a few months and wants to make the most of his tenure here in Europe. I became his tour guide. It was short days but he was not adverse to walking so we walked the historic centre. Took him on a bit of a mini gastronomic adventure. The to die for fresh whipped cream cones and with coffee, the chickpea delicacy known as farinata, and fried seafood at a historical hole in the wall place. Didn’t take him to eat the best (according to me) foccacia in town but I think we got him some foccacia formaggio which is a Ligurian speciality. More specifically a Recco speciality. Anyway, enough about food. While we were walking around town, I took him up another way, past a bridge that I myself have never walked before. Past it but never crossed it. I could have in my early days here but not since then as I don’t remember it at all! As we crossed the bridge I saw this in front of me. Besides the St. Lawrence Church in the historic centre, this is another important church.

I was told that this was one of the highest point in Genoa in ancient times besides the lighthouse. The sailors would look out for dome of this church and the lighthouse to tell them that they are now in Genoa. There are of course other higher 20th century buildings that surround it now but from a higher vantage point from the back of Genoa you can see how in those days it was one of the most easily recognisable building in town. You can read more about this church from wikipedia here in English and in Italian. Though I think the Italian site has more information. While researching for links for this photo I found also a Wikipedia page on the area of Carignano, (it is only in Italian) where this church is situated. I found out that it was built to link the city to Sarzano in the 1700s. It was later fitted with grilled fencing as it was a popular suicide point. I found this point amusing. I mean it must have been quite sensational news back then for the Wikipedia author to mention it. 😛

I have never been inside his church but someday I will. maybe when I am tour guide again for my friends. 🙂

Life in Photos – Day 30


Look at that face! Who can say no? I can. 🙂 All for his own good though. He is very sensitive to different foods. Starts to scratch like crazy once he eats something that doesn’t agree with him. Here he is eyeing the new batch of Sicilian desserts that just arrived today. Kept pawing at me and resting his head on my desk like this, pleading. I haven’t really been blogging because my computer keeps acting up. Kills the blogging inspiration each time. Every time. 😦 Blogging from my Note just doesn’t feel the same. I prefer a keypad. I like the clickety-clackety feel like a typewriter though not as hard. I have my nails to think about. 😛 Hope to be back with a vengeance when my laptop recovers. Signing off for now. Toodeloos people!

Life in Photos – Day 29


Found this old calculator in a restaurant. Was very impressed with it. Stood there staring and staring, trying to figure out how it works. The best part was, when I posted this on my Facebook page, my Uni professor commented that he used this before!!! I was so excited. Of course I had to ask him how it worked. It seems that you key in the number you want multiplied then crank the lever how ever many times you wanted to multipy it by. So, I think it is just for multiplications. He couldn’t remember any more how to use it besides for multiplication. I had to be contented with that info. But it was really exciting and interesting for me!!! Ah…..I love history!

P/s : Just found out that this was my 100th post!! wohoo!!!

Life in Photos – Day 28

Porta Nuova (New Gate) and the Lanterna di Genova (Lighthouse of Genoa)

Genoa’s crowning glory, the lighthouse. The most famous lighthouse in the whole of Italy. The visitors info can be found here. Featured right in front is the Porta Nuova. The description found next to this wall is as follows :-

In 1815, the Congress of Vienna gave the most Serene Republic of Genoa to the King of Sardinia, Carlo Felice. In 1827, this King built a New Gate of the “Lanterna” in the place of the 17th century gate which was a few hundred metres further east. You can see the Sabaude Coat of Arms which crowns the gate. Originally this gate was situated at 90˙ angle with respect to these walls, it has been leaned against them to conserve it and to still be seen by visitors. This area, made into a park, was originally the road to Genoa from the west.