I am back! hopefully…

Hello! It has been awhile. You still there? Lurking around somewhere? If you are, I would appreciate a comment or two. Okay…I understand that I would have t write a post for a comment to be made but I would still appreciate it if you do. Even if it is just to say hi! or Welcome back!

Why is it so hard to sit down compose a decent post after being away for a while? I swear it is like there is an invisible hand stopping me.

This post has taken almost 8 hours to compose and I am only here. Well, not true there. I wrote like 3 whole other paragraphs  in a span of say, 5 hours, but I just deleted it all. Only the first 2 paragraphs remains of the original . As usual, it took me so long to even get here because I was distracted by other blogs. They are all so interesting to read that I get lost in them. Then, my darlings came home and  had to stop till it was bedtime. Now that my little darling is asleep, and so is my other darling, I can continue to write.

I am currently stuck at home because I have hand, mouth and foot disease and I am very contagious. It is common among children and really rare that adults will get it. Lo and behold, the lucky adult who got it? Me! The full blown one too. Not the half ass one that my husband got but the full blown one. Like someone sprayed (not throw) hot water on my hands and feet. Sprayed because they are like tiny little droplet sized blister all over. Hot water because they behave like those blisters. Sensitive to touch so it makes holding or doing anything with my hands and walking painful and uncomfortable. AND, it itches to high heaven. Oh my goodness, does it itch!!

How did I even get it in the first place?? Well, that it thanks to the brilliant thinking of my BIL, but lets not get into that. It is done and it can’t be undone. The only good thing is that since my little Z got it first and then passed it on to us, she will have a high chance of NEVER getting it again unless she gets another different strand of the virus. Which is highly unlikely. I am also glad that she didn’t suffer much. She is so young that except for the fever, it didn’t really bother her otherwise. She was active and getting into all the nooks and cranny after her 1 day of fever. For that, I am thankful.

After her, M got the fever and was home bound for 2 days. The fevers were very high. For all 3 of us, it hovered around 38-39.8˚C for 24 hours. At Z’s age, she is 11+ months, it was really scary. I think because I had very little sleep while taking care of her and M, my immune system was low and it finally caved. I have been home bound too for about 10 days now. I still have about another 4 more to go.

Only me though, since Z and M have recovered and the contagious period is over for them. I don’t mind it. I get some time to myself to drive myself crazy with the itch and trying to rest. Besides the itch, I actually enjoy the time to myself. Doing mostly nothing but scratching my hands and feet to within an inch of their lives. Luckily, I just got my nails done, so they are not sharp. Gel nails actually take the pleasure out of any scratching but with it I can scratch all I want and it doesn’t tear the blisters. How great is that! I do try to resist the temptation but when I can’t, I scratch away!

Anyway, just wanted to update and try to get back into the groove of blogging. Tried to fill you in on the last year (the 3 deleted paragraphs) but decided I should just post about now and once I get going, I would probably fill you in as I go along. Letting it come naturally.

yeah, right! Who am I kidding? 🙂 we’ll see!


Life in Photos – Day 42


San Sebastian Basilicata at Barcellona Pozzo di Grotto.

Hello,  it has been a while. Been busy being a mummy and trying to work (“trying to” being the operative word). For now, am on a family holiday down south with my parents and aunt who have to visit.

You might just see more updates from the south…toodeloos!

Life In Photos – Day 41


One of the best buys that M has made. It is a chargeable LED night light cum torchlight. It changes colour both top and bottom. Or either one could be on or off or one of them on one colour while the other changes. Then when you need a torch just lift the top part off and instantly you have a torch!

I find this so useful especially now that I have a baby. I don’t have to turn on the lights whenever I want to check in her or change her diaper. The other best buy is a glow in the dark pacifier. Trust me on this if you child uses pacifiers. Saves you time searching in the bed all over for a missing pacifier. 🙂

Welcome baby Lilee!!!


Hello everyone!! Before I even post  any updates on myself I have to post about a new addition to the family.  My parent’s 2nd grandchild baby Lilee Iman!!!!

She is also so so so cute! Did I mention she is cute! I am biased like that. Both my nieces are so beautiful and cute everyone else please move aside! 😄

We have a nickname for her in the family but I have another. Her bountiful hair has me calling her pineapple head. 😂 They stand up straight!!

You can see my sis and her precious colour coordinating in this picture above. My sis loves prints and guess what her baby is wearing? Hehehehe! Jen, Lilee is adorable and I love you both to bits!!!!

Sending my love, hugs and kisses to my beautiful nieces and my family back home! Happy Easter and I love you! Continue reading

Happy New Year!!

Hello!! Yes, yes, I know…I have gone MIA again. I just saw that my last blog post was in November and now we are already in the middle of the first month of the new year! Just wanted to wish all my readers (if you are still dropping by or lurking around, thank you!) Happy New Year!!! May 2014 be better than the last year!!

I am presently in my last few weeks, patiently waiting for my life to change and turn upside down forever. Most likely my next post will be about our little addition.

Till then, stay tuned and Happy New Year!!

Singing praises for….


Ok…the photo has no bearing whatsoever with what I want to write about. The photo was taken in flight onboard Turkish Airlines as we were approaching Istanbul. It is the first leg of my journey home to Malaysia for my last trimester. Oh..and clouds always remind me of my sis. Whenever is see beautiful clouds I always think of her. She loves clouds! And I love her!!

I want to sing praises for Turkish Airlines’ amazing business class lounge! It is not my first time here but it was my last experience here that made me choose to transit here instead of somewhere else. Plus the fact that it is cheaper and I still get points cause they are a Star Alliance partner! 3x score!!

In this amazing lounge, which I get to access because of my SQ gold card and this time cause I flew business, they have thought of everything! And I mean everything! Free wifi for one. You can say that most lounges have that…true but they have more. A little library corner with a pool table. Cinema area with reclined lounge chairs complete with a popcorn machine in a corner. Bet the others don’t have that!

Then, they go further by having an area dedicated to children! My absolute favourite is their food buffet stations! They have a dedicate coffee and tea area separately. At the coffee area there is a barista that makes your coffee fresh! Whether it is an espresso or a cappucino or a Turkish coffee! I love it! Can’t go near it at the moment. I used up my  daily quota for coffee this morning. 😦 sucks! I know…

They have other stations too. Dessert lovers rejoice. There is a whole station dedicated to that sweet sin! An area for salads, another for bread that at different times you can see them baking or making fresh bread. The lounge smells heavenly! Aaahhh…bliss! Then there is he hot food section where the chefs are in full view preparing the buffet. For breakfast, there is even a station for the eggs or omelets like any respectable hotel 4 or 5 star hotel. And just like in the supermarkets,  you can find the drinks area on either side of the lounge where you can choose your drink. Be it just water, sparkling or still, coca cola, juice or beer and etc. How can you not love this lounge?

We just discovered that there is also a massage service. Haven’t gotten round to find out the rates but a treat for the weary traveller! There is also shower and prayer rooms and computers. The restrooms are also very chic! They also have an area where you can keep your luggage or other small items. Fully transparent cubicles locked by your own 4 digit pin code so that you don’t have to worry about your things being unsupervised while you grab some food or drink or some shut eye. I am truly bowled over by this lounge even if my layover is about 5 hours I think I will still choose to transit here.

It is comfy, it has everything and I love their design and decor. Whats not to like? Has anyone else tried their lounge? I am a frequent traveller and this lounge had me at “hello”!

Oh, and their inflight service and seats has improved leaps and bounds since I first flew with them 6 years ago. I am glad they took this step forward and even more that they added Genoa as a destination which lets me fly from my home city instead of making the 2 hour car journey to Milan for my flight home. Either way I still transit but how can I pass transiting here in Istanbul? Their lounge ROCKS!!!

I leave you with another shot of their interior.


Welcome Baby Erin!

Well, hello!! It has been a really long time. There is a reason for this silence. In my precious email, I wrote on a few things happening that had kept me very busy. I am still dealing with it.

Actually, I started writing about what had kept me busy and even before I finished the first paragraph, I have changed my mind. I have even changed the title twice! The content too. So, this is the new post.

I was lucky enough to be home when my SIL gave birth to our family’s first grandchild!! I am so thrilled to see baby Erin!!!

Baby Erin and her proud parents!

Baby Erin and her proud parents!

She is so cute!! and I am a proud aunt! Don’t care what anyone says, she is the cutest!! I am bias like that!! hehehehe!!!

Your dai gu is sending her love, hugs and kisses from Italy!! And she will see you soon and give you huge cuddles!!!

Love ya!!! oh…and of course you too, ko and S!! 🙂

p/s: by the way, the photo is nicked from my bro’s fb page!