Caught between a rock and a hard place…

Of course there are a few reasons for my lack of blogging. No time. Nothing much is up. No inspiration. So on and so forth. It applies to my Instagram and Twitter posts as well. I have to admit though, the main concern for me is the fear and respect for my children.

I chose to write, photograph and post about my life but my children didn’t. Or at least, have not decided for themselves yet whether they would like to or not. Then there is this online paedophile concern that lurks in the corners every time I think I want to post a picture. I don’t want anyone to be using my child’s photo for anything. Not even a meme. But once it is out in the world wide Web it remains there forever. Even with all the security measure we put in, it can still get out. After all, we are all only connected. Just 6 degrees of separation separates us all.

Which means the moment I share a photo in Facebook even with friends only setting, it can and will be shared with others if anyone of my friends liked the picture or commented on it. It pops up on their friends’ feed telling them that their friend has just liked a photo. All this ease has put a stone in my shoe, so to speak, making me uncomfortable. Makes me think twice before posting.

Then, comes the part that maybe my children won’t like their antics to be splayed out for all to see. Especially when they hit their teens. By then, it is too late to say sorry or to retract. What is done is done. It cannot be undone.

Now cones the crux of it all. Since becoming a mother my life revolves around them. Almost every picture and thought I have, have them in it. Scroll through my phone and all I see are my two angels looking back at me. Then when I am with them, I don’t have time for anything else. My hands are full. Even if I take a photo of something else, I have no time to organise my thoughts and make a blog post even if that what the intention when I took that photo.

Or maybe I am just lazy. I still work and am lucky that my time is flexible. Household chores are done to the minimum. I get a lady in to do the heavy duty cleaning. Maintenance is key. Whatever time I have to myself now is late at night, which usually doesn’t happen as by the time I put them to bed, I would have fallen asleep too. Or the time I have the babysitter who is an angel with Z and now I have to get J used to her for an hour or so, so that I can get some gym time in, is my only “me” time. J like Z before her is with me 24/7. There is always tons of laundry to get through. So many older clothes that don’t fit “growing like weeds kids” have to be routinely sorted and stored or given away. That in itself is a chore! Then I have a threenager now who will wear only what she wants regardless of the weather outside. I think she is made for warmer weather. We are living in the wrong country! 😓😝 Just the other day, to counter this I thought it was wise to start her early on her choice of clothing for the day. We took 5 hours to end up not looking like a hobo and be adequately dressed for cold rainy spring evening. Don’t forget loads of screaming and tantrums and threats of “if you don’t get dressed, we are leaving without you!”. I just don’t have the energy after everything. Then I just procrastinate. 

I would love to blog more. I just have to find my balance which I have yet to find. Maybe until then you will hear from me sparodically. Unless I have something else to write about that doesn’t involve my children. 

On another note, it is still surreal that I am now a mother of two! Surreal even after 3 years….

Good night! 

It has been a year!!

Whoot!!! Tomorrow is the anniversary of my blog!! So today is the last day of the “year” for my blog. Just a tid bit of useless information.

I have been “writing” blogposts in my head for the past week or so, which can only mean that it is time to get back to blogging. 😛 Though the blog post I have in mind is a little sombre. I am still undecided if i want to pen that down and have if read by the world. I am ok with the people I don’t know reading about it. it is the people I know who might read it is the thing that is stopping me. I know that I can out in a password protected post but that defeats the purpose of a blog doesn’t it? I am still debating. Who knows what will happen in the future. I might just write it down some day.

At the rate that I am going with my blogging, I doubt that I will have a following on my blog. I am such an uninspired, lazy ass blogger.@_@ I don;t even know why I bother. But, I have discovered the joys of instagram. LOL!! If you follow me there, I have more updates there.*Shamelessly promoting myself*. Look for @mouseytong. Lately, I only have myself on the Instagram updates as I am bogged down by work and it is office, meeting, office, meeting, travel, planes, taxis. Nothing interesting. I am not even a fashion blogger but dressing up makes me feel better. 🙂 So, for lack of better updates, I take photos of myself in things that make me happy.

I should definitely say my goodbye for now. This post is not making sense. It is just my ramblings on things that have just popped up. Like the realisation that tomorrow is the anniversary of my blog. Random sh*t!

Better sign off for now.

Toodeloos people. I promise I will write something for tomorrow. *pinky promise*

Unforseen circumstances

Mousey is taking a long forced break not because she wanted to but she had to.

Even now, she is blogging on the go and from her new Samsung Note 2!! Yes, she traded in her HTC and got something that meets her needs better.  She will try to blog again soon. Hopefully nothing unexpected crops up.

She will try to fill in the gaps of her boringly adventurous shenanigans. Check back soon.


Feels weird and fun at the same time, talking about myself in the 3rd person. 🙂

Am absolutely pooped. So goose night people! 


I am so wired!

photo taken in Saigon, Vietnam in 2009

This is how I feel like. All those wires criss-crossing at a junction. I receive notifications on my Blackberry from time to time on various sites that I am signed up to. Just today I decide to check up on another site that I have not visited for some time and realised that I am so wired. Imagine this, just a mere 6 years ago, the only time I am ever on the computer was to type up my homework (while in Uni) and to do research online. I was hardly ever online. Fast forward a few years, I started a blog on Multiply, joined a needlecraft group on Yahoo, NEEDLESnCRAFT, where I got back my love for crochet, signed up for ebay and amazon. Then I started blog surfing. Before you know it, I follow quite a long list of blogs that I can’t even finish reading in a day! Also because I get carried away. Then I added, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, ChurpChurp, Linkedin and the list goes on…..oh! and the latest, Instagram! I am so wired it isn’t even funny!

So many! I can’t even keep track of it all anymore! Well, I can. I just need to dedicate more time to or be more vigilant with my time. Try not to wander off so much. Evidence of this “wandering” is right here. Just for this post, it took me close to 3 hours and I am only here. I have googled at least 8 actors and some movies as they are playing on tv. 😛 From there, I got carried away by the movies they were in. Some looked interesting enough for me to click on it and then the adventure starts again.

Anyway, in this age and time is anyone to wired anymore? I have a love-hate relationship with technology. More love than hate, especially since I have started to live so far from my family. I wasn’t to wired before, so some technology was too much for me. But since moving here, I have embrace it more. I like the fact that we can have face to face chats now with relative ease and not fuzzy bad connections. I like that I can search and watch movies, series and more on live streaming especially when I get tired of dubbed stuff. I still feel funny watching in Italian in the cinema here and when I see it playing on cable back in Malaysia in English, I just stare and stare at the pictures and it feels so strange. Of course I watch other dubbed movies or series but they don’t sound strange because I can’t understand the original anyway! It is like watching a Cantonese movie dubbed in English and Italian! It is happening right here, right now! I was channel surfing when I saw Drunken Master 2. I thought, “Oooo..Jackie Chan’s movie. Should be nice!” They sometimes do show the movie in the original language (there is an option to change) and I thought this would be the same. I have watched a Mandarin movie in the original language before.

But no! The original language option is in English. Though Jackie Chan’s voice over was done by him the rest just sounded so strange. So, so strange. @_@ It is even stranger because I have seen the original a number of times and all of Jackie’s movies has all these funny puns and lines. They are all lost in translation. 😦  I had to change the channel!

I am getting off tangent again. I should sign off soon before I get distracted again and it will take me another few hours just to finish this post. I already down 5 hours. Shit! Yeah, you can pretty much guess it that I got in at least 2 movies and a chapter or 2 of a crime series.

The conclusion, being so wired is both good and not so good. Is that even a conclusion? Anyone else feels like this sometimes?

On a roll, baby!

Sleeping dog
Milo basking in the sun, Elba Island

THIS is what I want to do now. I dragged myself to the gym today and sweated it out for more than an hour tucking a cool 8.2km under my belt. I am not only feeling damn good but also darn proud with myself. Considering I had to drag myself in the first place. *beaming*

But as I was surfing the net, blogs and my photos and posting a photo in “Life in Photos” series I realised I have been very hardworking! I have been posting a post everyday from the moment I broke my “no blogging” streak. To keep up with this (as long as I can :P) I am going to schedule this post for tomorrow. It is September 12th already. That would prolong my streak by another day! 🙂

I just had to write this down a put it out in the world to mark this day. When you read this it is the 13th. Another day, another post. Hopefully another fat busting run in the gym. Oh, wait! I booked a TRX class. Got to work them muscles for a lean, trim, mean machine!

Goose night people!! Good morning to the other side of the world!!



Mousey needs to work harder…

It is a dog’s life….

I have got to say that since I started blogging here at WordPress, things have changed for me. Actually many things have changed for me since I have started on changing my mindset. Blogging at WordPress has brought many like minded people to my blog and mine to theirs. What this does for me is that it shows that I really have to work harder.

All the other blogs are so entertaining, interesting and chock full of useful information, amazing photos, great recipes and out-of-this-world works of art. Mine pales in comparison. 😦

I really have to buck up!

Suddenly it feels like school all over again…but, I was a lazy student. Guess I am back at square one! Oh, well….

Lacking in words…

Okay, I have decided that my blog needs words! I have been working on other blogposts as I said in my last Life in Photos series but I have decided to write something. My blog feels empty without words. I have no idea where I want to go with this post yet but I think I will arrive at something by the next sentence. 😛

Since I got back last week, I haven’t had much time to myself. I have been to the doctors every 2 days, getting my blood tested, and body scanned and spending the rest of the day in the office, dinner at in laws, walking Milo and staying out till late everyday. All the meds that I am currently on I making me feel more tired than I would be normally. I am struggling to stay awake now just have a few hours to myself to catch up on everything on the blogging world.

Hopefully tomorrow is the last test and this weekend I will be in Barcelona again. Fingers cross that everything works out this time. I am going to crash now. oh wait, since I got home I have just plonked myself in front of the tv with my laptop. I still have to take off my make up and wash up…urrghhhh! I want my bed but I am vain so I will trudge through my skincare regime and get to bed. OMG, we just got back awhile ago and now it is already 1.30am and I have to be up at 7.30!

I feel tired just thinking about it….

My positive thinking and paradigm shift has taken a beating these few days. Am working on getting back on the wagon.

*chanting “nothing is ever as bad as it seems..” “mind over matter”….oooommmmmm*

goose nights to all!

Mousey is on a roll!!

Wow! It is only the 17th of June and I have already 15 posts in for this month. Albeit a few of it being just photo posts. I will take it anyway. Cheating you say? No way, those are my photos which I took and it took time to search for them in my photo archives and to post them.  They are photos which I have always wanted to share. So it is ALL mine. 🙂

Feeling prolific! Going to bask in the glory of my fleeting glory! 🙂


Till the next post…Toodeloos!

Remedy-ing my withdrawal..

Though in my last post I was lamenting about not being able to blog, I have not found anything interesting enough to blog about the last few days. Well, maybe also because I was busy.  Got into Singapore last Friday and immediately I went over to Singtel to find out how come the data plan that I have activated didn’t work. Yes..I was still dealing with the “no internet” withdrawal. I found out that it was because my sim card was a 2G one and I need a 3G one for it to work. In order to get a 3G one I have to change numbers as mine is a prepaid sim that I have been using for the last 3 years is just that, a prepaid sim, If I want to keep the number, I have to sign up for a post paid. After mulling it over for about 10 mins, i decided, no one really knows my number except for family and close friends anyway, and I can always update them on my new number. So, I queued up again only to be told I need my passport or my EP card to register the new prepaid.  Guess what I didn’t bring with me??

I do have to say though, that when I called the customer service line of Singtel, they were very helpful and efficient. The moment I found out that I could activate the data plan even for prepaid cards, I wanted to jump and shout for joy!! Yes, I was that bad into my withdrawal.  They told me to sms a certain number and follow the instructions. I followed the sms instructions and activated my HTC for it. It was all over and done with in less than 2 minutes. How cool was that?? But, after switching my HTC on again after the recommended time, it still didn’t work. I was crestfallen. So dramatic, right? I have drama in my blood….bwahahahahaha!!! The rest, you know, as I have explained above.

So, because this aunty here forgot her documents, she had to get it done only the next day as when she got back to the hotel it was already 5 and she had a dinner appointment at 7 and was too knackered after sleeping too late the night before, waking up early to get to the airport, she decided to get some rest. why am I speaking of myself in the 3rd person, I don’t know. Just wanted to do that. oooo…it deserves a mention too that the KLIA ekspress has free 4G YES internet connection in its trains. Found out just as we were pulling into the station. it was a bittersweet revelation.

The next day, Jen and Syahrul arrived bright and early and I dragged them both on the most important errand with me. They were lucky however, that we passed the 313 shopping mall first, so I left them there while I went to get my internet life back on track. Took awhile but it was done!! The first thing I did was to check my Twitter. 🙂 I am back online!! Yeah!!! *punching the air*

I proceeded to twit and check on other updates. Didn’t manage to twit a lot but the important thing was that I am back online. Then the weekend past in a blur of great company, great food, shopping and a wedding dinner of an ex-colleague. I had fun!

I am now back in Italy and here I have no problems with my internet connection. Happy…happy!!! 😀