Happy 55th Birthday Malaysia!!

Malaysian Flag

Proud to be Malaysian!! (pic taken from the web)

Today is the last day of August. It is also the day that Malaysia proclaimed its independence 55 years ago. It is also the day that I celebrate on my own regardless of where I am. Which is usually outside of Malaysia. πŸ˜›

The past few years I have taken to flying the Malaysian flag in the office (though we are usually closed this time of the year for the great Italian summer holidays). Today, I am still on the island of Sardinia celebrating by myself, as I doubt that there are any Malaysians here at Porto Cervo. Wait! I met another Malaysian from N. Sembilan at our shop. Though he might not be here anymore as he follows his boss around for business. πŸ™‚

Every year, I tell everyone who would listen that today is the day Malaysia gained its independence. It is our National Day! Although I have not lived in Malaysia anymore since 1998, I still celebrate in my own way, Merdeka Day. Though I live far away, Malaysia will always be a part of me and I am glad that I do not have a reason to give up my citizenship unlike others who are from war torn countries. The ease of travel is also another bonus point.

What I miss from Malaysia is the food! Not so much the weather. Of course, my family too but they are not the issue here. I get to talk to them almost everyday but Malaysian food is another thing altogether! Which is probably why I stuff myself to the hilt whenever I am back. hmm…..

Anyhow, I shouldn’t ramble on when all I want to do with this entry is to wish Malaysia a very Happy Birthday! Independence Day! Merdeka Day!! May we reach our goals as a nation and toward a safer Malaysia!

Lots of love from Malaysian living abroad!!

Another year etched on the tree of life

shoe chocolates

Chocolate shoes! My idea of a cake topping. Ice-cream cake with chocolate shoe topping. Heaven!!

I wanted to share a recent picture of me but I can’t find my camera anywhere! I am actually in panic mode now but I am telling myself to calm down as I remember giving the camera to M 2 days ago. I will have to ask him about it tomorrow. Or rather later today. No wonder, I felt that there was something missing from my handbag the whole day yesterday. It is only after midnight here in Italy. We decided to close the shop early tonight. Almost on the dot, we closed our doors.

The recent picture is of my nephew Mattia and I, celebrating our birthdays. They left for Genoa on the 23rd, so we decided to go out for a family dinner on the 22nd to celebrate our birthdays. His birthday is today, the 29th. He turns 15. He just got his motorcycle license too and is very eager to get his hands on a scooter. I told him, we might get him one if we could find one cheap and good. The prices of petrol is now over Euro 2.10 per litre!! Crazy!! @_@

I did try to sell him on the idea of an electric motorcycle. After all he can only ride a 50cc one and if we make him pay for his own petrol he would definitely feel the pinch. πŸ˜›

Getting to the restaurant was quite an adventure which left my in-laws a little upset and on edge throughout the dinner and the whole night after. The place was a little far, and up in the mountains of Sardinia. Well actually it wasn’t that far, about 40-50kms away. But the road was winding and dark. There were no road lights. Also out van could only fit max 7, so 2 of them went by scooter. Another 2 who recommended and booked the place were in a SmartCar. We got lost a little which added to my in-laws’ anxiety. It didn’t help that my SIL and her friend were on the scooter trailing behind us. 2 ladies, at night, in the dark winding roads equals recipe for anxiety though they were behind us all the way.

After we got there, we found out that dogs were not allowed in. So I kept it hushed so that my MIL will not be upset. Somehow, someone opened their big mouths and asked where is Milo? The tranquility was shattered once again. She kind of refused to eat much of the rest of the dinner and took every opportunity to sit outside with Milo. Mind you, Milo was just outside the window right next to us. We had a full view of him and he, us. Watudu…., as they say in Malaysia, I have an over-protective MIL. She actually spoils Milo to a point that makes it hard for me to undo all the bad habits she has allowed. 😦

The icing on the night was or birthday cake. It was a strawberry ice-cream cake!! Yummeh!! It was gone in a flash!! Other than that, the food there was just ok. There was a baked lasagna like bread with cheese and cinnamon that was quite unusual but good. No photos of the food unfortunately because by the time we got there all of us were famished and I could feel the onset of my gastritis. We started eating. I only thought of taking a photo when the cake came out at the end of the dinner. >_<

The actual day of my birthday was spent unceremoniously. I felt the love from all my friends and family through their messages on BBM, FB, Twitter, and SMS. Thank you all!!!! M bought sushi for me for lunch cause he promised a Japanese dinner for my birthday but my FIL is here and he not such a fan of Japanese food. We couldn’t leave him on his own for dinner so M bought sushi for me as a surprise. I thought the plan was already scrapped. I felt loved!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I had only a glass of wine for myself at dinner, celebrating the day that I was born! Then it was back to work. A quiet day. I spent the whole day stuck on the computer though. πŸ˜› Replying messages and doing nothing but surfing the net and catching up on blogs. Blissful day, right?

Writing this entry on the balcony under a beautiful moon. Moons make me happy. Whenever I see a sliver of the moon, I start to smile and I will look up every night waiting for it be full and watch it slowly slip away day after day. πŸ™‚

So another year has come and gone. Am now starting on the next year of my life. I can truly say that I am enjoying the journey of my life and I look forward to all the adventures it has in store for me. Lets see where I will be next year.

Signing off from Porto Cervo , Sardinia.

Goose night!

Update: Found the camera and the here is the picture I wanted to share. πŸ™‚

Birthday celebrations!

The birthday boy and “girl” πŸ˜› with the amazing ice-cream cake.

Judging the world through rose tinted glasses…

This is how I would like to see the world. But reality sucks!

Why do we put our experiences and our view of the world on others? After a chat with some friends the other day, I realised I become very snappy when people pass judgement on how others live their lives. Once upon a time, (trust me, my friends can attest to that) I was also like them but I have learnt to not judge a book by its cover. I am not perfect, of course but I constantly remind myself that I cannot judge anyone until I have walked a mile in their shoes.

In my life I have experienced my share of racism and judgmental remarks on being Chinese, Asian, hungry third world immigrant and so much more, I have had people spit in my way and telling me as a chink to go back to my country. Mind you, I was there only for transit while I was still with the airlines. I have had vendors crudely remark that these Chinese tourist are only just here to touch and destroy everything and not buying. This is at a fruits and vegetable market. Another where a mad man, I call him mad as I was on the phone to my friend trying to locate her apartment building, when he comes up to me after exiting a coffee bar shouting insults telling me to F*#k off back to my country!Β  And so much more…

I have had good ones too! Or rather, I would like to take them as that. One being too colourful! I LOVE ❀ ❀ colours! They brighten me and everything around me! I have even been told that I am too chirpy! Just don’t catch me in the morning! πŸ˜› Not much of a morning person. A teacher once told me that “You cannot always do what like, but you can always like what you do”. I think she is right. I don’t have to love it but by not hating it, and learning to go with the flow whenever I am put in that position makes everything easier. I can even make it fun and before you know it, it is over. That way, I will always have good memories and no regrets. No “should haves”, “could haves”, “what ifs” and the likes.

With my experience, I have learnt not to do the same to others. Everyone has their own story and more often than not a very interesting one too! Once M told me he likes the way I see the world. This was once after we saw a couple who was dressed all in Goth with shocking pink hair which I found interesting and he said “what were they thinking!”. I said, why not? That is how they want to present themselves and they are confident in themselves. Not many people have the courage to pull that off and I like that. They are not infringing on others so why should we judge them only because we won’t do it ourselves? I am not adverse to pink as a hair colour just that it doesn’t suit me. I have had bright red hair before. Higlighted red and gold hair too! πŸ™‚ He told me that, that is what he likes about me. I always see a everything from a different point of view. *score!* πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

As time passes, as I get older, I like the person I have become and am going to be. Being a Virgo, I am analytical, critical by nature but I am going to put on my rose tinted glasses to make life more interesting and enjoy it for all its beauty and surprises!

Here is to rose tinted glasses! cin cin!!


Mousey has figured out Nike+

Okay, I have used up ALL of my computer battery just browsing the net and procrastinating on a post. So much so, it took me a whole 2 mins to remember what it was that I wanted to blog about. I still don’t remember exactly. I have a moleskin notebook just for this reason and yet I don’t use it. I carry that moleskin for the added fun of carrying around added weight. Whee!! πŸ˜›

Anyhow, I wanted to update everyone on my last frustrating post regarding Nike+Ipod. In the end, I finally figured out why it did not do what I wanted it to do. This, is after a sleepless night (not from thinking about this) of tossing and turning in bed from the extreme heatwave hitting us here in Italy. I suddenly thought about checking the settings on the app. Right at the bottom, there is a “send to Nike+” button. After clicking on that, it sent! I didn’t realise I had to do that each time I want the details sent. It used to do that automatically. Something has changed.

Then, I was wondering why my runs didn’t show up on the history part of the app. I am thinking it is because the history part only holds the runs that I did with my Nike sensor. Since all the rest that I did with the treadmill in the gym is all recorded but not shown. The last run shown on it was the one that I braved the summer heat here (not repeating this performance!) with the sensor tucked into my shoe.

So, here it is my revelation! and the update on my debacle with the Nike+Ipod app on my Ipod. πŸ™‚

Now I can rest in peace. πŸ˜›

Shop is closing for the night. It is almost 1 am here. Goose night people!!


Not a happy camper!

I have discovered to my dismay that my “Nike+Ipod” app is not working well on my Ipod. 😦 Since I started exercising (OMG, you can’t imagine how long it took me to spell exercise!! I really need to brush up, man!) again, I have been monitoring my running with this app. So far so good. Once, my data was not updated on the Nikeplus site because it was missing. I didn’t know what happened but the next day it was back and updated.

So this time I thought it would be the same. How wrong was I!! It has updated only till the 7th of August but since then I have been back at the gym at least 5 times and not once was it recorded at all! Dang it! Even today’s run was noted on my Ipod but after the run I went to check and it wasn’t there! How frustrating!! *_*

Is this normal? Is it normal for the Nike app to do this? Anyone knows?

I have reset the Ipod to their factory settings and restored everything. Fingers crossed, it works.

All my hard work down the drain. Well, not exactly. The hard work should technically be showing on my body but I want to track my progress! 😦

Luckily I didn’t sign up for one of those Nike+ weekly or monthly challenges. I would have failed miserably and not even due to my own laziness! Technical fault and through no fault of my own.

Now to drag my ass for more gym.

Toodeloos and goose night!!

Friday Blues!

I am not actually blue. It is Friday. I am on an island. Clear blue skies. Deep blue seas. All culminating into a very blue Friday!

blue skies in Sardinia

Blue skies, blue sea, blue outfit….feeling the blues!!

This photo was taken a few months back but at the same island that I am in now. It was a little cooler then. Hence the jeans, stockings and scarf. The weekend is here!! Though it makes not much difference to me here in the store as we are open everyday. It just means, (hopefully) that there will be more people mingling and maybe a sale or to 2 for us. πŸ™‚

In my last scatterbrain post, ( no worries, I plugged the huddle into a power source) I wrote about the hot tv news. (ok, it was lost so you didn’t actually read about it yet! :P) The news warned of the upcoming record high temperatures from the heat wave from Morocco. From that day, the 15th till the 23rd!! I wonder how much hotter will it be. It is, afterall, already 38 degrees! I think we will eventually reach melting point. LOL!!

My reasons to dislike summers is practically making their own case. Winning hands down! Everyone is complaining about the heat but do nothing about it. I mean, how is it possible to stay indoors when there is no wind (even with windows and doors all open), scorching sun and just a (or 2) puny stand fan to cool the ENTIRE house!! On top of that, please do not stay in front of that puny fan because direct wind while sweating is not good for you. It has to be metres away and not too strong. At 1 would be just perfect. @_@!!

No one really believes in air-conditioning nor ceiling fans. I have no idea why!? That is why this summer’s apartment we have here is by far THE BEST ever!! Immaculate apartment. It has everything we would ever need. It was complete with all the daily necessities. It is a little elevated with unblocked views, which also means very windy. Even without the wind, it is cool inside. The apartment complex has beautiful lush greenery which helps cool the place and all kept in order by a gardener everyday! AND…it has a ceiling fan in the master bedroom!! It is much welcomed after a loooooooooong day at the shop. Cool and comfortable sleep. No mozzies either!! A hop, skip away from the shop! Perfect combo for a great summer!!

For this I am thankful for how everything has turned out in our favour! We couldn’t find a reasonable place to rent at first so we waited. This was our reward for being calmΒ  and patient. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

As they say, “Patience is a Virtue!!”

Thank you to the world!

Happy to have a good, clean, cool and comfortable place to rest every night!

Toodeloos from the blue, blue Porto Cervo, Sardinia!

Ferragosto in Italia!

Porto Cervo

Clear waters of Porto Cervo port.

Today is Ferragosto! An Italian mid-August holiday. I have linked in English what this holiday means but the Italian has more details. The gist of the day is explained in both languages.

arrgghhhhh……I wrote like a whole page for this entry and it all went to the dogs because I didn’t realise that my internet huddle was out of battery. Clicked publish and poof! it all went missing. I spent the last 3 hours on this post. Being constantly interrupted as I am in the shop. I don’t have anymore time to re-write this. I don’t want to. It is almost midnight and Ferragosto is coming to an end. It will be the 16th soon and the whole point of the post was about this day.

I will make a better effort for the next post and not be such a scatterbrain!! In my defence, I am in the shop and there are clients walking in and out all the time. πŸ™‚

Good night from Sardinia! Toodeloos!


The Olympics have come and gone…

I am presently trying not to doze off. Been telling myself the last 2 days that I should blog. Between the shop and family (M’s family is here with us) and friends AND gym (yes, I got myself access to a gym here. πŸ™‚ ) I hardly have time to pen any of my thoughts down. The shop is open from 10am – 1pm and 6pm – 1am. Understandably I crash every night almost immediately. Come home to help with lunch and the clean up then laundry. Then some time to myself. About an hour or so before I haul my ass off to the gym.

During these “myself” moments, I watch the Olympics. I watch it so much that my MIL wonders if there is anything else on tv and how long more is the Olympics going to last. She is getting tired of the same channel! hehehehe..

At the same time, I catch up on emails, Twitter, messages, Milo, etc…

What did you think of the Olympics? I wasn’t too impressed with the Opening Ceremony. Except for the dancing number it felt more like just a lot of big names and that was it. All the special effects and props were wonderfully done but if there wasn’t a commentator telling the story, I would have been absolutely lost and wondering what the h*ll was happening the whole time. I am sure many felt that it was really good. To me it was just so-so.

I love the Olympic Stadium torch though! I think it the best thing! I was wondering what the children were holding when each country was coming into the stadium. Also when each child was walking up the flag hill and presenting them to the spectators before fixing it on the torch. So much guessing. I probably won’t be able to watch the closing ceremony. I hope I will be able to catch the replay some other time. Or maybe some highlights of the night, tomorrow.

Now, to the games. Malaysia did really well!! We are not really known for our athletes except in Badminton. A sport I have to explain to everyone in Italy. No one knows what it is! They have never really seen the racquet not the shuttlecock either! So, not so easy for me to boast about our amazing Dato’ Lee Chong Wei’s silver medal which put us on the medal table!!! I search for the medal table and proudly showed M.

Me: “See! See!! We are on the medal table!! Silver!!” *huge dumb-ass grin plastered on face*

M: “uh-huh.”

Me: “See!! Look!! Look!” *finger pointing furiously at Malaysia*

M: *blank stare*

Me: “Yay!!! hehehehe” *oblivious to blank stare*

Then a few days later, we got a bronze!!! Whoot!!! I was watching Pandelela in the finals in the gym. Luckily I was alone in the gym, if not people would have thought me crazy. I clapped and cheered when they introduced her and after each of her dive. I must have been such a sight! LOL!!

I couldn’t finish watching here as I had to go to the shop so I was really surprised and absolutely beaming the next day when I read my Twitter and Facebook updates. Ahhhh….it was a good day. πŸ˜€

I did the whole exchange above again with M. hehehehe!!!

Throughout the Olympics, I was very surprised at the amount of athletes we had who were diving. I was also so surprised we had a female 10km marathon swimmer who came in 16 out of 24! Very good effort! I would have died 3km into it, I think. I am really glad too that no Malaysians were involved in the female badminton scandal. All in all, Malaysia, you did well!!

Where there were no Malaysians, I give you one guess who I cheered for?

Forza Italia!! πŸ™‚

Now to wait for the next Olympics in 4 years time. Rio 2016!!